KF94 Protective 4 Layer Face Mask BFE 95% Disposable Masks Black


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Applicable people: General

Material: melt blown cloth, non-woven cloth

Nose clip material: metal

Style: hanging ear

Product color: black

Number of layers: 4 layers/3 layers

Filtration rate: ≥95%

Product standard: GB2626-2006

Protection level: KN95 level

Product certification: ISO14000

Package Included:

10-50 pcs* or + More KF94 Masks


Disposable KF94 masks are hygienic and easy to use.

Made of high quality materials, safe, soft and comfortable.

The 4-layer filter element enhances protection and filters layer by layer, which is more effective and safer. However, the masks with colors of star blue, silver gray, rainbow, dark pink and light yellow have three layers of filter protection.

Can effectively block soot, pollen, soot, etc.

A filtration rate greater than 94% can provide you with effective protection.

Elastic straps and adjustable nose clips for different face shapes and sizes. Ideal for everyday use and outdoor activities.


1. Make sure that the skin-contacting parts are not contaminated.

2. After putting on it, adjust the position of the nose upwards to ensure complete coverage.

3. Adjust the lanyard to secure it to your ear.

4. Check for gaps to make the inner surface fit the skin completely.


1. It is forbidden to place the oxygen content below 18%.

2. Do not use towels, paper towels and other things between the mask and the skin.

3. If the inside of the mask is contaminated, stop using it.

4. Pregnant women, respiratory diseases, patients with cardiovascular diseases, children, the elderly and elderly people who have difficulty breathing after using a mask, please stop using it. (It is recommended that the above person consult a doctor and use it as recommended by the doctor.)

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